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Vera Hinckley Mayhew Student Creative Arts Contests

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Music Composition Contest Rules

  1. This contest provides a total award this year of $1,700 to the winners. Depending on the quality of the musical compositions, the judges may divide the $1,700 among multiple winners or give the total amount to the first place winner.
  2. The composition may be written for any combination of instruments, voices, or electronics. The composition should be a minimum of five minutes in length.
  3. All scores should be computer engraved or photocopied. CDs should only be submitted for pieces involving electronics. The student's name must not appear any place on the manuscript or CD. A pseudonym of the student's choosing should take the place of the student's actual name on all entry materials except for the cover sheet.
  4. Compositions written more than one year before the contest are not eligible.
  5. The Mayhew Music Composition Contest Chairman (see below) will appoint a judging committee drawn from the faculty of the BYU School of Music.
  6. All entries are to be submitted by February 6, 2017 at 5:00 p.m., and the winners will be announced later in the semester. Entries should be submitted to the School of Music office, C-550 HFAC.
  7. Each student submitting an entry will fill out a cover sheet (available in C-550 HFAC or downloaded below) giving name, address, and telephone number and certifying (a) that he or she is eligible by proper enrollment at BYU to enter the contest, and (b) that the entry submitted is the student's own creative work. The student's real name will appear only on this cover sheet.

Important note: In addition to the specific rules above for the Music Composition Contest, see the "General Regulations" giving information on all Mayhew Student Creative Contests. Both the general regulations and the specific rules for each contest should be followed by every student who enters one or more of the contests.

All submissions require a cover sheet. Cover sheets can be picked up in the Art Gallery F-303 HFAC, D-581 HFAC, or C-550 HFAC, or downloaded here for playwriting and visual arts, here for music composition, or here for screenwriting.

Contest Contact Information

Steven Ricks
Music Composition Contest Chairman
C-490 HFAC, 801-422-6115