2023 Winners


1st place: Megan McOmber, “Reseeing Home”

2nd place: Shayla Frandsen, “The Brain is an Endless Workshop”

3rd place: Flora Van Woerkom, “Shaped”

Honorable Mention: Sarah Safsten, “On Pleasure”

Honorable Mention: Karlie Hunter, “Lessons Learned in a Blue Vest”



1st place: Alanna Hess

2nd place: Tucker Lindgren

3rd place: Leah Gaush

Honorable Mention: Alixa Brobbey


Short Story General:

1st Place: Simon Laraway, “Down the Tubes”

2nd Place: Iris Papin, “Billowing Blue”

3rd Place: Kenna Fry, “Eye of the Machine”

Honorable Mention: Madalyn Turgoose, “Called out of Class”


Short Story Specialty:

1st Place: Tanner Burke, “The Remnants of Adam”

2nd Place: Will Eitelgeorge, “Last Chance Convenience and Lodge”

3rd Place: Tucker Lindgren, “Maggie”

Honorable Mention: Jacob Blood, “Desire and Longing in the Himalayas”

Honorable Mention: Abigail Fielding, “Left or Right”


Visual Arts:

1st Place: Rebekah Campbell, “Here”

2nd Place: Anna Jackson, “Provo Temple Wooly Diptych”

3rd Place: Liliana Breim, “Nativity”

Honorable Mention: Noelyn Campbell, “Angel’s Landing”

Honorable Mention: Mattia Lo Russo, “The Barn in Winter”



Short Script-

1st Place: Tristan Schetzel, “Keep Swinging”

2nd Place: Rebekah Page, “Fun Guy”

3rd Place: Hannah Broadbent, “The Pack”


Scripted Web or Podcast Series-

1st Place: Kiri Case, “A Dangerous World for Dogs and Girls”


Music Composition:

1st Place: Quinton Porter, “Pathological Fantasy” (concerto for piano and orchestra)

2nd Place: Michael Memmott, “Luminescence (percussion quartet)

3rd Place (two-way tie): Eleanor Smith, “Piano Sketches” (solo piano) & Cade Singleton, “Tube Concerto” (tuba and orchestra)

4th Place: Jonathan Goldberg, “{2, 3, 5}” (solo piano)



Best Overall Play: Selah DeGering, “Hard to be Won”


10-min Play-

1st Place: Melanie Ricks, “Open Conversations”

2nd Place: Charlotte Westover, “Dissonance”

3rd Place: Andrew-Elijah Schindler, “Adrift”


One Act Play-

1st place: Andrew-Elijah Schindler, “Eli”

2nd Place: Avery Dall, “Crisis”


Full-Length Play-

1st Place: Alyssa Call, “Sincerely, Your Humble Servant”

2nd Place: Andrew-Elijah Schindler, “The Queens Bones”

3rd Place: Avery Dall, “The Rare and Expensive Gift of Being”