Screenwriting Contest Rules

Please read and comply with the following submission guidelines:

Contest applicants must be enrolled as full-time students (at least 12 credits) at Brigham Young University in either semester of the 2021-2022 school year. No applicant may have worked as a professional screenwriter for theatrical films or sold screen or television rights to any original story, treatment, screenplay or teleplay.

Prize money for this competition is $1,650. In addition, some scripts will have the opportunity of being considered (1) as part of the TMA Writers Conference, or (2) for potential departmental production.

Contest Categories:

—Short Script – Submit a 1 to 8 page tightly crafted script that could be considered viable for an on-campus student film. Samples of student films can be checked out from the HBLL.

—Scripted Web or Podcast Series – Submit a 1-page synopsis of a single-season, multi-episode web or scripted podcast series — along with a fully scripted pilot episode. Each episode will ultimately have a run-time no longer than ten minutes. The scripted pilot episode is not to exceed 8 pages. Your cover page, under the title, must indicate whether the script is a web or podcast series.

—Television Spec Script – Submit an outline, along with the first 10 pages of the completed script for an episode of an existing 30-minute television sitcom in current production.

—Feature Length Script Development – Submit 10 pages of a feature-length script, along with a 1-page synopsis of the balance of the story.

1. Each student may submit up to three entries. For each entry the student will submit their scripts individually online at:

2. Submissions must comply with standard screenplay formatting. If you have questions regarding formatting, see the Screenwriter’s Bible(D. Trottier). Adaptations are not accepted for this competition. Submissions must be the original work of the applicant and may not be based, in whole or in part, on any other persons’ fictional material, published or unpublished; OR, if the script is a television spec episode, writers must identify the name of the sitcom and the current network airing the series in the Mayhew Submission Sheet. Scripts that fail to comply with standard formatting or page length requirements are disqualified and will not be reviewed.

3. Each script must have a title page with the title of the script and the student’s BYU ID number. Your name should not appear on the script or title page, just on the submission form. The pages must be numbered. No additional materials should be attached to the script (i.e. letters or recommendation, alternate pages, mention of awards, etc.).  Entries submitted incorrectly are disqualified and will not be reviewed.

4. Submissions will be accepted between January 3rd and January 28th, 2022. Winners will be announced in early April.

Judging will be conducted by the TMA Writing Committee. The standards for evaluation will include assessments of:

—Character Rendering and Development

—Plot Development


—Thematic Depth

—Cinematic Elements

—Visualization and Detail


—Compliance with the BYU AIMS document

All scripts are to be created in accordance with the values and standards associated with the University Honor Code and the TMA Viewing and Creation Policy (available online). This is not to say that a script needs to be overtly religious or that it cannot examine challenging issues; it is simply a reminder that gratuitously offensive material will not be considered.

Important note: In addition to the specific rules above for the Screenwriting Contest, see the “General Regulations” giving information on all Mayhew Student Creative Contests. Both the general regulations and the specific rules for each contest should be followed by every student who enters one or more of the contests.

To submit, visit

Contest Contact Information

Thomas Russell, TMA Writing Committee Chair
F-348 HFAC