2024 Winners


1st place: Josie Peterson – “Swallowed by Grass”

2nd place: Samantha Sorenson – “How to Eat an Elephant”

3rd place: Allie Stevens – “The Highlight of my Career”

Honorable Mention: Emma Everett – “I went to the Sistine Chapel All I Got Was Some Lousy Eye Strain”



1st place: Noah Hickman

2nd place: Isaac Richards – “Ruminations”

3rd place: Alixa Brobbey

Honorable Mention: Alex Dunn


Short Story General:

1st Place: Katherine Beal – “The Girl with 10,000 Coats”

2nd Place: Isaac Richards – “From the Freeway Median and Other Flash Fiction”

3rd Place: Mikayla Johnson – “Cellar Quilt”

Honorable Mention: Alex Dunn – “The Hallway Paradox”

Honorable Mention: Kenna Fry – “Fingernails”

Honorable Mention: Janaya Tanner – “All in a moment”


Short Story Specialty:

1st Place: Liz Busby – “Insufficient Memory

2nd Place: Logan Johnson – “Austin Stiles Meets a Muse

3rd Place: Tristan Schetzel – “Edward the Last

Honorable Mention: Janaya Tanner – “Zephyrs


Visual Arts:

1st Place: “Lands” by Oleanne Aunderud

1st Place: “Secret Sevens: Mystery Vinyl Packaging” by Luke Miller

2nd Place: “Au Marché” by Cooper Douglass

2nd Place: “Hallucination” by Jenna Wilson

3rd Place: “Waiting for Revelation” by Kynlee Walker

3rd Place: “Shirley Finds the Mermaid” by Sarah Stewart



TV Script-

1st Place: Mattias Sanchez – “New York Times”

2nd Place: Sophie Graham – “Comic Con”

3rd Place: Rebekah Page – “Our Flag Means Death”


Short Script:

1st Place: Tristan Schetzel – “Baker’s Boy”

2nd Place: Tristan Schetzel – “Invisible Platforms”

3rd Place: Rebekah Page – “Bill”


Music Composition:

1st Place: Simon Cheek – “I Dream of Mists”

2nd Place: Jinxin Fu – “Ripple”

3rd Place: Eleanor Smith – “String Quartet No. 1″



Best Overall Play:

Nathan Holley – “Archipelago


10-min Play-

1st Place: Nathan Holley – “Waiting for Waiting for Godot”

2nd Place: Andrew-Elijah Schindler – “Oh, how lovely”

3rd Place: Kyle Hollingshaus – “Whistle for Me”


One Act Play-

1st place: Alyssa Call – “Two Narrators”


Full-Length Play-

1st Place: Andrew-Elijah Schindler – “Jacob’s Crossing” 

Honorable Mention: Michael Combs – “Nine Years

Best world building in full-length play: Andrew Walker – “The Power of Time”


Best Musical-

Joseph Phillips – “Shackleton”


Dance-theatre Script:

Belle Frahm – “Sleeping Beauty